Research for Senior Capstone Project and relevent documentation of my senior year in Interior Design and LSU.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Learning Oasis

Mission: Create learning environment focusing on experience, individual exploration and the diversity of life on earth.
Vision: Our vision is to provide an active learning environment that ignites creative energy and builds confidence.

Painted on the ground of the parking lot is a mural of the globe. Flags from various countries help break parking up into groups. This teaches geography while helping visitors locate their cars.


-Understand that the earth is made up of a variety of components that work together to ensure smooth running of the whole system- human intervention has put strain on this system, and it is important to identify the problem and recognize the need for change.

- Each exhibit is designed to emphasize the beauty of unique ecosystems that exist on the planet with the intention of educating visitors of natural environments that have been under stress due to human intervention.

Other elements to the lobby space:

-WORLD MAP: concept of location, relative location, map reading, understanding different regions of the world and environments that the climate supports- helps to give meaning to the different exhibit ecosystems.

-RECYCLE DROP-OFF CENTER: Drop off recyclable materials to be used for creating treasures in the Assembly Line in Express Yourself (located on the third floor)

-PASSPORT TO THE WORLD: Free take-home passport/scavenger hunt that encourages exploration of all the ecosystems, realizing where they can be found on the planet, and ensures that visitors get the most out of the exhibits.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nottingham Knowledge Center

-Reinforces the museum as an important educational player in the community.

-Encourages the pursuit of knowledge by appealing to both introverted and extroverted children- small reading spaces, storytelling space, internet access


Interface carpet tile: Primavera
Johnsonite Rubber Floor: Pebbles
Stained Concrete


Develop a better understanding of the immediate environment and the culture and history that grew along with the land.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Second Floor Plan


Explore the landscape and life forms that exist in the coldest regions of the world.

Cold; freezing: cryoscopy.

n 1: a particular environment or walk of life

Floor Pattern inspired by the Arctic Circle

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Vanishing Paradise

-A three level rainforest filled with diversity parallel to that found in rainforests.

-Designed for 1st-8th graders by incorporating complex ideas as well as more basic concepts focused on developing a better understanding of the diversity and importance of the rainforest.

-Covers areas studied in Science and Social Studies Curriculum.

-Also stimulates kinesthetic intelligence: the ability to use the body to solve problems.

Schematic drawings:

Beginning on the second floor, this exhibit features 3 levels: forest floor, understory and canopy (on the third floor).

Forest Floor Plan

Forest Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan

Upon entering the Forest Floor, visitors encounter a 2 story wall mural illustrating layers of the rainforest.

Costumes of various animals provide children with props to assit them in role playing as they explore different habitats in the rainforest.

Floor pattern is inspired by the coloring of plant life.

Picture of the Forest Floor looking toward the entrance to the bat cave.


-Crawl in and around an ant log

-Learn about ants from wall murals

-Watch real ants at work in a ant farm mounted to the wall inside the log (inspired by Denver Children's Museum)

- Arrange velcro attached ants on wall or log

Flying Snake Slide:

Starting on the Canopy level, the flying snake slide curves through the center of the exhibit bringing visitors back to the Forest Floor.

Computer Rest-Stop:

Inspired by Denver Childrens Museum, the computer rest stop offers a place to rest and play computer games that teach about the rainforest and life within it.

Four foam leaf chairs from Demco encourage group play.


-Enter the Giant Tree and learn about bats by observing live fruit bats.

-The sleeping patterns of the bats are manipulated with the use of blue and red lights.

Climb the red stairs to a 3-form Stage landing that hangs above the main entrance lobby. From this point you can also see the touch pool of Submerged.

At this point you have the choice to enter the cave to explore the Understory or climb up the green stairs to the Canopy.

Understory Floor Plan

Understory Reflected Ceiling Plan

Besides track and recessed lights, the Understory also has cable lights that span the width of the exhibit directly above the exploration bridge.

Canopy Floor Plan

Canopy Reflected Ceiling Plan

The main element to the Canopy level is the flying snake slide landing.

Made of 3-form Stage to transmit light and shadow, being on the landing is like being in a tree at the top of the rainforest.

Wall murals of tree tops that surround the landing help to create the feeling of being at the top of the forest.

As you walk up the stairs, there is a wall mural to the right of different life of the rainforest. On the other side of the wall (leading to the exit of Vanishing Paradise) is a mural teaching about the destruction of the rainforrest and how individuals can make a difference.